Headlines Hairdressing: Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Treatment Review

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HAPPY SEPTEMBER! I’m so excited to share something really awesome with all of you today! I had not done anything to my hair ever since I found out that I was pregnant with Little misschewy last year. Before I was pregnant, I had rebonded, bleached and dyed my hair, which was actually very very very damaging to my tresses. Frankly speaking, I hated my hair because it was extremely dry and frizzy after all the ‘abuse’ it had been through. More often than not, I have a hard time trying to disentangle my hair even though I had made an effort to use hair conditioner during my shower. Apart from that, I am facing postpartum hair loss and it’s worrying the hell out of me! Thanks to fellow blogger kaki Mag, she introduced me to Headlines Hairdressing, who very kindly agreed to be my current hair sponsor! :D


Headlines Hairdressing is located at China Square Central. The salon is very cosy and if my memory serves me right, the salon can accommodate about 8 customers at a time. Business was brisk when we went there on a Saturday late afternoon so it’s strongly advisable that you make an appointment prior to making your way down! I was promptly shown to my seat and served a cup of hot tea.


This is Charles Tan, Creative Director of Headlines Hairdressing, scrutinizing my hair after it was being washed and he commented that my hair was TOO DRY. The good news? Charles was very confident that he could save my hair! Yay! Huge sigh of relief! :D


Charles really did save my hair with the help of the Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Treatment. MUCOTA is one of the top prestigious hair care products which have been in Japan since 1983. They have a range of products and Dyna is the latest technology which helps to reduce frizzy hair while making hair straighter at the same time. Unlike the anti-frizz treatment in the current market, it is 100% NO FORMALDEHYDE. Do you know that Formaldehyde is possibly associated with cancer? *GASP* So please choose something safe like Dyna! It is suitable for people who had rebonded their hair before or have unruly and unmanageable hair. As a mother myself, I’m very happy to share that the Dyna treatment is very safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers! The key ingredient is Argan oil, which is commonly being referred to as “liquid gold”. When Argan oil penetrates the hair follicle, it gives the hair plenty of volume, while making it smooth and silky at the same time! :)


There are three types of treatment – DYNA CA, DYNA CCA and DYNA CAT. As seen in the photo, Charles picked out DYNA CAT for me. This is best suited for color damaged hair, giving hair a soft and natural finish.


Damaged hair tends to lose Cell Membrane Complex (CMC) easily. CMC binds cells together so that is not easy to peel off, prevent hair damage and dryness while maintaining hair softness. When CMC is lost, hair becomes wavy and dry! If you refer to the second photo of this post, you will realize that my hair was quite wavy.



Since I’m still breastfeeding Chanelle, I really want to emphasize that Dyna treatment is extremely safe! Also, the treatment doesn’t stink at all!


I had to wait for about 20 minutes before I was led away to wash my hair.



Hair washed! Now don’t blink!


After blow drying, my hair was sooo straight! Look like rebonded hair! This is the power of Dyna treatment. It gives you naturally straight hair!


Here’s a side by side photo for easier comparison! Before and After!


The next step was to apply some heat to my hair in order to seal in the goodness of the treatment.



For the final step, DYNA AFTER was coated evenly onto my hair. This moisturizes the hair to an even greater extent because the liquid emulsified cream penetrates the hair. It was another 10 minutes wait and the entire treatment concluded with another hair wash!


I also got Charles to trim my hair since it was ages since I last had it trimmed!


Here’s a photo of me and Charles. Thank you Charles! :D

photo (6)

I really love what Dyna treatment did to my hair. It feels so soft and silky and misterchewy is finally able to run his fingers through my hair. LOL.

photo (7)


Even after two weeks, my hair is still soft, straight and manageable. A number of my colleagues thought that I had rebonded my hair. In case you are wondering, Dyna treatment is expected to last 6 months on average. Prices start from $250 depending on hair length. Remember to quote “Charlene missuschewy” and get 10% off all services at Headlines Hairdressing! Please look for Charles Tan! :D

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Headlines Hairdressing
18 Cross Street
China Square Central
Telephone: +65 6221 6866

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri
10.30am – 8.30pm
10.30am – 7pm
Sun & PH
10.30am – 5pm

LAZADA 100th Celebration – Top 100 Sellers At Best Price & Vouchers Giveaway

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Since baby Chanelle was born, I find that I have been having lesser and lesser free time to spend on shopping. Furthermore, when I do head out, it can be frustrating to find the shopping malls all packed with people and then having to lug our purchases back home with Chanelle in tow. To avoid all the inconvenience and hassle, I have turned to online shopping for much of my shopping needs.

There are many online shopping websites but some of them are really cluttered and hard to navigate due to the messy formats of the webpage. I have been searching for a more user-friendly website for some time now and I had almost given up and resigned to my fate of shopping at sub-standard online websites until I stumbled upon Lazada Singapore (http://www.lazada.sg/)!


So just who is Lazada Singapore?

As you can see from the image grabs above, Lazada Singapore is basically an online shopping mall that offers an incredible range of products. With 13 different categories and countless other subcategories of products ranging from mobiles, tablets, cameras, and consumer electronics to toys, fashion, health and beauty products, Lazada Singapore basically has everything you need and would expect to find in a physical shopping mall.

The people at Lazada Singapore were definitely not kidding when they say that they are Southeast Asia’s biggest online shopping mall!

And if you are afraid that so many products would result in a cluttered and messy webpage layout, fret not! Unlike its other competitor websites, I found Lazada Singapore’s webpage to be easy to navigate and well organized. I was especially impressed with the ease of access at which I was able to get to the various category and product pages on their catalogue and find exactly what I needed, all available at amazing prices much lower than the market rate.

Final verdict – I don’t know about you but I much prefer shopping from the comfort of my own home and then having my purchase delivered directly to my doorstep! This is possible with the service that Lazada Singapore provides, which is free delivery on all orders above $40! They also give you the option of cash on delivery and a 7 day return policy. So to sum it up, Lazada Singapore is a great online website where you can not only enjoy great savings while shopping, but also the convenience of shopping for quality goods from the comfort of your own chair and at the same time be guaranteed of a fast and secure online shopping experience.

If you are ready to shop at Lazada already after reading what I’ve written, then here’s more good news! Lazada Singapore recently turned 100 days old!


And to celebrate the 100 days since launching in Singapore, they are holding a Lazada 100 SALE featuring their TOP 100 Best Selling Items at prices of up to 90% off! What’s more, 3 lucky shoppers will stand to win $100 shopping vouchers! This is something you definitely do not want to miss. The sale started on 28 August 2014 and ends on 10 September 2014. So be sure not to miss it! Check it out here!  http://www.lazada.sg/lazada100/

Also don’t forget to like the Lazada SG Facebook for more promotions!  https://www.facebook.com/LazadaSingapore

PS: For those of you that want to shop on the go, Lazada also has specific iOS and Android apps that you can download on to your mobile phones. Just search for “Lazada” on your App Store or Play Store!

As a bonus to missuschewy’s readers, I have 2 sets of $25 Lazada Singapore vouchers to giveaway.

Simply do the following to qualify.
1. Subscribe to LAZADA SG Facebook Page.
2. Share the Lazada100 Post
3. Once completed, inform me of the link. (email missuschewy@gmail.com)
Good luck!
Giveaway content ends on 10 September 2014
Winners will be announced on the 19th September 2014. Terms and Conditions apply.

Terms and Conditions
• The voucher is valid from 20 September 2014 to 31 December 2014.
• Voucher is valid for one-time usage only.
• If the value of the voucher is not fully redeemed, no refund in cash or in other means will be given for the balance.
• The voucher is not exchangeable for cash.
• The above terms and conditions are subject to changes.

An Elegant Mid Autumn Dinner at The Fullerton Hotel

- Tasting Invite


Helmed by the talented Master Chef Leong Chee Yeng, Jade Restaurant at The Fullerton Hotel will be presenting a luxurious 6-course Mid-Autumn Reunion Dinner Feast, available at S$88++ per person from 25 August to 8 September 2014. We were in for a visual treat as well when the Trio of Mid Autumn Combination was served. Can you tell that it actually represents Chang E flying to the moon? ;)


I was extremely pleased with the Boiled Sea Grouper Soup with Black Fungus and Chinese Wine served with Steamed Quail Egg as the broth was milky and full-bodied while the thick chunk of grouper was firm and flaky. Interestingly, the quail egg represents the moon!


To be honest, I wasn’t too thrilled about the Fragrant Crispy Duck stuffed with Yam Paste because I’m not a fan of the traditional yam basket but this was fantastic. The crispy duck and yam paste went very well together.


The Stewed Whole Abalone with Dried Scallop and Homemade Edamame Bean Curd totally stole the show. No, it was not the abalone but the edamame bean curd which won our praises because it had a silky smooth texture and soft consistency.


The Fragrant Wok-fried Five Grain Rice with Crab Meat was simply comforting. Loved that every bite was full of flavor.


We had the Classic Trio Desserts made up of shaved almond ice with osmanthus jelly, chilled rabbit-shaped egg white cake, and petit traditional oven-baked and snowskin mooncakes to end the meal. The presentation was very adorable! The almond ice with osmanthus jelly was my favorite of the three because it was very refreshing. The White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk Snow Skin Mooncake features a smooth and delightfully sweet white lotus seed paste. The Pandan with Gula Melaka Snow Skin Mooncake is a nostalgic blend of familiar local flavours where the aroma of the pandan complements the deep caramel flavour of the palm sugar.

Jade Restaurant
The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
1 Fullerton Square
Singapore 049178
Tel: +65 68778188

Opening Hours:
11.30am – 2.30pm
6.30pm – 10.30pm

Okiedog Diaper Bag Review

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A few months ago, I was at a loss as to which diaper bag to get because there are so many of them out there in the market! Life is complicated enough, we don’t need diaper bags in all shapes and sizes to give us a headache. I want to tell new mothers that the thing that really matters the most at the end of the day is the WEIGHT of the diaper bag. As new mothers, we tend to be very kiasu and pack more than what is necessary. So, a lightweight diaper bag is really going to save you from a shoulder ache.


I swear by the diaper bags by Okiedog. They are stylish, roomy, affordable and lightweight! Every mummy’s dream (diaper) bag. I’m currently using this Sakawa Shuttle ($149.90) red bag which embodies the beauty of Asian culture with its intricate cherry blossom embroidery. Do you know that this bag weighs merely 750g? It is ultra light! Now that I’m into my fifth month of motherhood, I have learned to pack what is needed and here are some of the items that go into the bag!


There are plenty of compartments and I like to keep diapers and wet wipes within reach, by utilizing the outer compartments so that I don’t have a hard time digging for what I want in the midst of a sticky situation.


A Fridge To Go cooler bag, thermal flask, spare change of clothes, booties, more wet wipes. There are smaller pockets within the bag for you to keep stuff like toys, food, pacifier and teether. The bag also comes with an insulated bottle holder and antibacterial changing mat. This diaper bag is an absolute must-have for all mummies! Do check out Okiedog’s website http://www.okiedog.com for more designs!

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Going Underwater with Sony Xperia Z2!


Happy Monday! Little misschewy turns 5 months old today! She’s really a lot more playful than before! Recently, I bought a swimming tub for her from Qoo10 and she had her first dip in it last weekend :)


She wasn’t too thrilled actually. When we placed the neck float around her, she was screaming and protesting. It took us some time to calm her down and let her get used to it. LOL.


This photo was taken yesterday morning and she was clearly beginning to enjoy kicking around in her tub!

Thanks to the latest Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone, I was able to capture a short video underwater! With the waterproof Xperia Z2, you can take pictures with the best phone camera while swimming in freshwater for up to 30 minutes. You can even dive up to 1.5 metres with it. Just remember that all the covers for the micro USB port, the micro SIM slot and the memory card slot must be firmly closed. How cool is that?! Stay connected with us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/missuschewy and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :)

Alive Museum Singapore Review


Guess who’s back! :D The hubs touched down on Monday at around 2am while my FIL and I waited for about an hour at the airport because of the flight delay. But it’s ok! Was super looking forward to misterchewy’s return after 18 days of his absence. Despite not having enough rest, we headed to Alive Museum at Suntec City before noon because my ticket was valid only till that day. I was supposed to join my colleagues after our teambuilding session at LaserOPS which happened like a month ago but I had to rush back home. Almost forgot about my ticket until I was clearing my wallet. This is one of my favorite photos taken at the Alive Museum! I would advise ladies to wear shorts or jeans because there would be plenty of sitting, squatting and lying down for crazy and wacky shots! :P


There were a couple of exhibits right outside Alive Museum that you can pose with even without an entrance ticket. We had an appointment in the afternoon so we kinda rushed through a little. It was just snap and go without wasting too much time. Anyway, do you know that there is free WiFi access in the museum? You can upload your phtos on the go!


Alive Museum is Singapore’s brand new fun and entertainment destination which is suitable for people of all ages. Sprawling over 10,000 square feet, more than 80 artwork exhibits are brought ALIVE with 3D painting, shading and drawing techniques that create visual illusions. Not only will visitors be able to experience magical ideas in reality by touching and watching objects, they will also be part of the masterpiece!



All hail the King! I could only identify Bruce Lee and Spiderman. Heh..



Didn’t know how to pose so ended up like this. LOL.


Steve Jobs’ secret to success?


Act yi ge Wolverine! As you can see, there were a number of people in our photo. Kinda irritating lor.


GASP! My hubs and Spiderman?!


Oh please please please let me strike TOTO!





There are a number of exhibits that are uniquely Singapore such as this!







So sad! misterchewy said I got exactly the same pose as the zombie behind me. Lol.





YO wassup! Check out my breakdancing skills!

















Hehe ok that’s all! Adult tickets cost $25 and there’s a 20% discount for online booking at the moment. I find that it is kinda pricey given that Alive Museum isn’t really such a big scale exhibition. However, if you are around Suntec City area and have a couple of hours to kill, do pop by and have a good time!

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Alive Museum
Suntec City Mall
#03-372 (Between Towers 3 and 4)

Opening Hours:
10am – 10pm (Last admission at 9pm)

Blog Hop: The Blogging Process

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Happy Monday, everyone! I got tagged in this blog hop! This tagging game is getting very popular among bloggers these days ah. Haha. First, I got tagged on Instagram for a consecutive five days photo challenge. And now, this! This thing is called The Blogging Process and I have absolutely no idea who started it.


Mummy Jolin from www.the-js-arena.blogspot.com was kind enough to drop me a message via FB and asked if I would like to participate in this blog hop instead of telling me, “Nah! You are tagged! Go do it!” LOL. I was acquainted with Jolin only after a mummy bloggers’ event because I found her son irresistably adorable and snapped a few photos of him. I posted the one I liked best, for the purpose of introducing the product, which is a food feeder, and Jolin asked if she could grab the pic. Why not, it’s her son! And that’s how we started talking :)


1) What am I working on?

I started off writing about food and subsequently went into lifestyle and travel. I have been recently promoted to a mummy blogger too! So yeah, I basically write about anything and everything that interests me!

photo (2)

2) How does my work differ from others in its genre?

My blog has seen me through being attached to misterchewy after I graduated from NUS, to getting engaged, married and now with Baby Chanelle! I have some very loyal readers and followers who grew together with me on this amazing journey. Their heartfelt emails and messages are what keep me going! I also have new followers telling me that they love my blog for its personal touch.

3) Why do I write what I do?

My blog is not just a blog. It is also my virtual diary that I’m comfortable to share with so many people. I like to blog about how the husband and I celebrate special occasions so that I can always look back many years down the road.

4) How does my writing process work?

Hmm.. This is interesting because my writing process has changed dramatically ever since Chanelle was born. I used to be able to attend tasting sessions or media events 3 or 4 times a week until I was heavily pregnant. I thought I could ‘resume business’ after I pop but I was so wrong. I can never seem to get enough rest even though I head to bed as early as 10pm on certain days. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night at like 3am to edit photos or draft my post when Chanelle is sound asleep. There were instances when I switch on my laptop and within 15 minutes, she wakes up crying for milk and I have to keep everything aside. So, a blog post may take many nights for me to complete! But I’m not complaining because Chanelle is more important than my blog. Blogging can wait but my baby can’t :)

So if you miss us, do follow us on http://www.facebook.com/missuschewy and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :D


Next Monday, Mummy Cindy from www.thehootingpost.wordpress.com will be sharing about her very own blogging process! I also got to know her through the above mentioned event! Baby V is also very cute la! :D