Missuschewy is a Fisher-Price Play IQ Ambassador Mum!

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The Chewys
Photo credit: http://www.levinpoh.com

Hello everyone! We are happy to announce that Missuschewy has been selected as a Fisher-Price Play IQ Ambassador Mum! Since young, I have always been an ardent fan of Fisher-Price toys and never had a dull moment playing with them. Now that we have Little misschewy, it is only natural that I select the one brand that I can trust when it comes to buying toys for her. Of course, when I was invited to be a part of the Fisher-Price team, I knew I couldn’t say no!


Daddies and mummies out there, do you know that children learn through play? Play is the most effective method for children to develop their brain in meaningful ways that will lay the foundation for learning as they grow. Children absorb the most and their brain develop rapidly during the first five years of life. As caregivers, we need to understand how play really does benefit our children physically, cognitively and emotionally. The key point is not just playing, but HOW children actually play that makes the difference! Fisher-Price highlights the importance of giving children the right toys at the right developmental stage to help them reach their fullest potential. The only way to go about doing so is to first measure your child’s Play IQ, a tool developed by Fisher-Price which assesses a child’s level of development in three key pillars: Physical, Cognitive and Social & Emotional.

It’s all about choosing the right toys at the right developemental stage!

Little misschewy - Fisherprice
Photo credit: http://www.levinpoh.com

You can find out your child’s Play IQ here! Baby Chanelle is a Small World Explorer, displaying a high physical and cognitive play IQ. Not only does the Play IQ tool recommend toys that are suitable for your child depending on his or her play persona, it goes on to share your child’s development plan and upcoming milestones! How cool is that? I invite all daddies and mummies to join me on this journey to find out how you can help your child achieve his fullest potential! I will also be conducting a givewaway at the end of it all!

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Chanelle’s Milestones at 8 Months Old!


Our little chub chub is 8 months old today! We didn’t realize how much Chanelle has grown until we met misterchewy’s buddy’s 2 month old baby girl a couple of weeks back. When the two babies were placed side by side, Little misschewy didn’t seem so little after all. Suddenly, I felt a lump in my throat and wished that time would slow down. On a more positive note, now that Chanelle is older, she is full of surprises and never fails to make us laugh with all her cute antics! :)


Physical Growth: The last time Chanelle had her length measured was about a month ago when she had her last vaccination for this year. It should be around 70cm now. She weighs slightly over 8kg. Both her length and weight are around 70th percentile. I was concerned that her growth has slowed down a little but the nurses at the polyclinic reassured me that this is very normal. I thought that Chanelle should have cut at least a tooth by now, but no! She’s still bogay! LOL.

Feeding: Chanelle has not shown much interest in food and all attempts to let her self feed were not successful. She tends to hurl her food, so BLW is out for now! I bought a box of Ella’s Kitchen’s cheese and tomato puffits from Meidi-Ya at Liang Court and Chanelle loves it. Recently, we also discovered that she likes Nestle’s Celerac rice with mixed vegetable and rice with chicken. Other than that, Chanelle is still largely on breastmilk.


Social: This girl is cheekier than ever! She knows how to fake cry (without tears) by squeezing her eyes shut and going “oooooh~ oooooh~”. Super amusing! Just thinking about it makes me wanna laugh. Chanelle has also started to show signs of being able to assess and imitate moods. One good example took place a couple of weeks ago in the nursing room. A baby next door was crying and Chanelle began to cry too. She also displayed stranger anxiety on certain occasions. Currently, Chanelle gets very tickled when we play peek-a-boo with her by covering her with a blanket.

Language: Chanelle has started to vocalize a range of sounds, of which the most distinct one is “papa”. She also raises her hand in excitement when we say “gimme five!”

Motor Skills: Chanelle is able to sit upright without toppling over and she crawls towards my iPhone most of the time. Sometimes, she crawls backwards. Haha. She is learning how to pull herself up these few days! I have to admit that it’s energy draining having to take care of Chanelle because she is very active and is constantly reaching out to grab something.

The above photos were taken by photographers from Live Studios at my cousin’s wedding at Four Seasons Hotel early November. Chanelle had a photoshoot last week so stay tuned for the photos! Stay connected with us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/missuschewy and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :)

Cupcakes Nails by Jacquin Nails

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photo 5

Happy mid week! Ladies, I thought I should share with you a little about my cupcake nails since I have been receiving so much compliments lately! Good things must share right? :P My nails were done at Jacquin Nails, a registered home based nail studio at Tanjong Pagar, Cantonment Road.

photo 4

Jacquelyn, co-founder of Jacquin Nails, is a certified nailist from The Pinkroom International Nail Academy. You can place your trust in her because Jacquelyn takes pride in her work, making you feel pampered like a princess. At Jacquin Nails, only formaldehyde free, quality products are used to ensure high standards of consistency. It was my first time going to a home based salon and I was really impressed by the beautiful room with lovely colors. I felt at ease immediately and was surprised when Jacquelyn handed me a drink and asked me to select a movie on Toggle as my form of entertainment throughout the 2-hour session.


A cosy corner with a selection of magazines.


After my nails had been shaped and buffed, I was asked to select my base colors. Soooo many colors to choose from! I narrowed down to bright and happy colors of course! I also told Jacquelyn what kinda nail art design I had in mind.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Check out the amazing collection of charms at Jacquin Nails!

Cupcake Nails

After close to 2 hours, I almost squealed in delight when my nails were done! I’m really satisfied with the outcome and great work done by Jacquelyn! I have shared Jacquin Nails’ service menu below. Honestly, I find that her rates are very reasonable! Jacquin Nails also cater to events, house calls and hen parties.

JQ Service Menu 1

JQ Service Menu 2

JQ Service Menu 3

Jacquin Nails November Promo

There is also a very irresistible promo for the month of November for first time customers!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jacquinnails
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/jacquinnails

photo (9)

Remember to quote “missuschewy10″ to enjoy 10% off any service!

Jacquin Nails
Call/SMS/Whatsapp: 8692 8065
Email: jacquinnails@gmail.com

Operating Hours
Mon to Thu
10am – 9pm
Fri & Sat
10am – 11.30pm
10am – 8.30pm
*Appointments before or after operating hours can be arranged prior to advanced booking of 48 hours.

Kushi Dining Bar Singapore Review

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Kushi Dining Bar, located at Hotel Royal along Newton Road, pioneered the concept of premium Japanese a la carte buffet in Singapore. Recently, Kushi Dining Bar has refreshed its buffet menu with a range of returning old favourites and new delights by offering a tantalizing range of over 130 dishes to choose from, including premium items available usually only in high-end fine dining restaurants.


Helmed by a chef with over 20 years of experience, customers can be assured of high quality and freshness at Kushi Dining Bar.


The Pitan Tofu is one of the well-loved favorites and a great appetite whetter.


Kushi Dining Bar offers a variety of sashimi. The best way to get started is to have some Mixed Sashimi and then decide on which you like best before going for seconds or even more!


Anago Tempura is essentially soft anago eel encased within a crispy tempura batter. I didn’t really like this as it didn’t go well with the dressing.


There is a wide variety of Kushiyaki items for you to choose from.


My favorite was the Ton Toro (pork cheek) Kushiyaki which had a very tender and delicate texture.


If you like wasabi, you gotta try Tako Wasabi at least once! The hubs and I found that it’s actually pretty mild so most people should be able to stomach this.


Salmon Teriyaki


The Lobster Porridge is also one of the highlights at Kushi Dining Bar.


Priding itself on providing exceptional value and quality for its customers, Kushi Dining Bar continues to refine its buffet dining experience. Premium items such as oysters, Hamachi Kama, and Toro are included in the menu. Tech-savvy customers can also download its Kushi Dining Bar App (available on iOS and Android) to make reservations and order food beforehand. Kushi Dining Bar is located in Hotel Royal, and open for lunch and dinner daily. Customers can choose between three types of a la carte buffets – Classic, Premium and Gourmet – with
prices range from S$41.90++ for adults (Mon – Thurs) onwards. For more information and reservations, visit http://www.kushibar.com.sg

Kushi Dining Bar
6 Newton Road
Hotel Royal
Singapore 307964
Tel: 6285 6525

Opening Hours:
11am – 2.30pm (last order)
5.30pm – 9.30pm (last order)

A Tremendously Goodieful Christmas at United Square!

At United Square, Dora the Explorer needs one special friend to travel with – YOU! Go on a musical adventure with Dora the Explorer as she sets out with her trusty companions, Diego and Boots, to search for a very special tree. However, they meet with an unexpected big wind storm that blows them all away! What will they do and who will they meet? Sing and dance along to this stage show accompanied amidst vibrant backdrop, props and decoration as you help them accomplish their mission!

Dora the Explorer Animalite Adventure ‘Live’ Shows / Meet & Greet


Join Dora as she embarks on a new adventure and learn all about little animals & friendships! Receive an exclusive EZ Link holder+ when you meet and greet Dora & her friends!

Catch Dora The Explorer Animalito Adventure ‘Live’!

Meet and Greet Dora & friends after the show!+

Thursday, 20 November to Monday, 8 December 2014
Mon-Fri: 2pm, 7pm
Sat & Sun: 2pm, 5pm and 7pm
(No shows on Tues. No 2pm shows on 20 Nov & 28 Nov.)

The fun never ends as The Little Big Club members return to United Square! We proudly present to you the pre-schoolers All-time, Larger-than-life superstars – Barney & Friends, Fireman Sam and Angelina Ballerina. Party with your favourite characters as they bring you an extravaganza of music and dance that will ‘Move It, Shake It’ this Christmas!

‘Move It, Shake It’ ‘Live’ Shows / Meet & Greet

TLBC 8cm

Catch Barney & Friends, Fireman Sam and Angelina Ballerina “LIVE” Musical Shows!

Meet & Greet Barney & Friends / Fireman Sam / Angelina Ballerina after the shows!+

Thursday, 11 December to Thursday, 18 December 2014
Mon – Fri: 2pm, 7pm
Sat & Sun: 2pm, 5pm and 7pm
(No shows on Tues)

Terms & Conditions:
+Spend $50 at any retail outlets to have your photo taken with Dora and her friends (20 Nov – 8 Dec) or Barney & Friends / Fireman Sam / Angelina Ballerina (11 Dec – 18 Dec) after each show. EZ Link holders are limited to the first 10 Meet & Greet passes per session from 20 Nov – 8 Dec, while stocks last. Obtain a Meet & Greet photo queue number next to the stage one hour before the show. Bring along your own camera. Meet & Greet is limited to the first 40 families per session.

Bebe en Blanc Mini Gathering for Eastie Mummies and Babies


Happy mid week everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates because I simply have no energy to blog lately. Work is kinda crazy and I have been sleeping really early these days. As I had mentioned before, I joined this particular mummies group on FB and because there are too many of us, we further split ourselves up into zones depending on our residential areas. Back in August, we had a mini gathering for the Eastie mummies and babies! The theme was Bebe en Blanc and babies had to be dressed in white. Hehe! All photos in this post were taken by one of the photographers from Lumiere Photography, which our kind host Christine hired and paid for. Thanks Chris! :)


That’s my hand supporting Little misschewy because she couldn’t sit up well at that time. Anyway I love all the photos taken by the photographer but I selected those that I like best to be featured in this blog post. Hope I didn’t miss out on any of our adorable babies!















Our little host, J! Isn’t she a sweetie?


And of course there’s food! You can never go wrong with catered food from Neo Garden!






The fathers took over while the mummies get to refuel!


Guess what do these 3 babies have in common? They share the same birth date! Sophie Rose and Chanelle were born in the same hospital too!


One of the mummies conducted a baking class for the older kids to keep them occupied.


Great bonding activity for mother and child!



Yummy yummy cupcakes!

Eastie Mummies aug 2014

The babies also had their individual shots taken. Seems like all of them were in a cheerful mood and had fun at the mini gathering!
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NUVO Singapore Food Review


Inspired by the best of Italian and Japanese ingredients and techniques, NUVO offers an intimate dining experience with flavours set to tantalize your taste buds. Executive Chef Mark Richards, formerly from Keystone Restaurant, helms the kitchen at NUVO, whipping up delightful creations with his perfected specialty skill, the sous-vide technique. With over 16 years of experience, Chef Mark Richards constantly pushes the boundaries to achieve greater heights at NUVO. As a result, he has carefully curated exquisite dishes that reflect the best of both well-loved cuisines. Taste his signature creations such as the Smoked Uni Carbonara, Angus Osso Buco Stew, and Kurobuta Pork Belly.


I’m not someone who would order salad at a restaurant but the Warm Japanese Mushroom Salad ($18) won me over. The pine nuts and mushroom lent an earthy taste to the salad while the butter truffle oil gave this dish some pizzazz.


It was certainly interesting to see that the Crispy Calamari ($18) came with compressed watermelon, on top of arugula, togarashi and white balsamic. The calamari was crisp with a chewy interior but tasted a little bland.


The Baked Olive Cod Fish ($35) with pepperoni, hon shimeiji and baby potatoes is a dish that I wouldn’t mind ordering over and over again at NUVO. With a layer of olive espresso paste, every mouthful of the baked cod fish was sweet accompanied with just a slight tinge of bitterness. The lobster bisque sauce was wonderfully done, which brought this dish up a notch.


Combining two different dishes on a plate, the Kurobota Pork Belly ($32) and Angel Hair Wakame ($18/$24) are a match made in heaven. Tossed in lobster essence, rayu oil and sprinkled with tamago fukikake, the angel hair pasta was al dente and a little on the salty side. Loved the kurobuta pork belly that was braised in dashi and soya sauce, then cooked kakuni style. Thinly sliced pork belly that melts in the mouth screams perfection.


The dish that intrigued me the most at NUVO was the Smoked Uni Cabonara ($38) because of the addition of truffle soil. It was a brilliant move though, as the sweetness balances the creaminess of the cabonara.


The Japones Australian Lamb Shank ($38) was served with fregola sarda, a type of Sardinia pasta. For someone who loves lamb, misterchewy commented that the lamb shank was hardly gamey, which was pretty disappointing.


The Wild Honey Panna Cotta ($16) didn’t look like much but I was surprised by how the fluffy texture of the panna cotta and the taste of wild honey clearly stood out. The dehydrated fruits were extremely sweet, not that I’m complaining.


I give two thumbs up to the Fuji Apple and Parmigiano Reggiano Torta ($14). Who would have though of incorporating cheese into their dessert? There was a very mild savory taste which went well with the scoop of fig and honey ice cream.

I highly recommend NUVO to people who have adventurous taste buds! Stay connected with us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/missuschewy and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :)

Marina Square Shopping Mall
6 Raffles Boulevard #02-100
Singapore 039594
Tel: +65 6822 2098

Opening Hours
Sun to Thu & PH
11am – 11pm
Fri & Sat & Eve of PH
11am – 1am