Okiedog Diaper Bag Review

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A few months ago, I was at a loss as to which diaper bag to get because there are so many of them out there in the market! Life is complicated enough, we don’t need diaper bags in all shapes and sizes to give us a headache. I want to tell new mothers that the thing that really matters the most at the end of the day is the WEIGHT of the diaper bag. As new mothers, we tend to be very kiasu and pack more than what is necessary. So, a lightweight diaper bag is really going to save you from a shoulder ache.


I swear by the diaper bags by Okiedog. They are stylish, roomy, affordable and lightweight! Every mummy’s dream (diaper) bag. I’m currently using this Sakawa Shuttle ($149.90) red bag which embodies the beauty of Asian culture with its intricate cherry blossom embroidery. Do you know that this bag weighs merely 750g? It is ultra light! Now that I’m into my fifth month of motherhood, I have learned to pack what is needed and here are some of the items that go into the bag!


There are plenty of compartments and I like to keep diapers and wet wipes within reach, by utilizing the outer compartments so that I don’t have a hard time digging for what I want in the midst of a sticky situation.


A Fridge To Go cooler bag, thermal flask, spare change of clothes, booties, more wet wipes. There are smaller pockets within the bag for you to keep stuff like toys, food, pacifier and teether. The bag also comes with an insulated bottle holder and antibacterial changing mat. This diaper bag is an absolute must-have for all mummies! Do check out Okiedog’s website http://www.okiedog.com for more designs!

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Going Underwater with Sony Xperia Z2!


Happy Monday! Little misschewy turns 5 months old today! She’s really a lot more playful than before! Recently, I bought a swimming tub for her from Qoo10 and she had her first dip in it last weekend :)


She wasn’t too thrilled actually. When we placed the neck float around her, she was screaming and protesting. It took us some time to calm her down and let her get used to it. LOL.


This photo was taken yesterday morning and she was clearly beginning to enjoy kicking around in her tub!

Thanks to the latest Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone, I was able to capture a short video underwater! With the waterproof Xperia Z2, you can take pictures with the best phone camera while swimming in freshwater for up to 30 minutes. You can even dive up to 1.5 metres with it. Just remember that all the covers for the micro USB port, the micro SIM slot and the memory card slot must be firmly closed. How cool is that?! Stay connected with us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/missuschewy and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :)

Alive Museum Singapore Review


Guess who’s back! :D The hubs touched down on Monday at around 2am while my FIL and I waited for about an hour at the airport because of the flight delay. But it’s ok! Was super looking forward to misterchewy’s return after 18 days of his absence. Despite not having enough rest, we headed to Alive Museum at Suntec City before noon because my ticket was valid only till that day. I was supposed to join my colleagues after our teambuilding session at LaserOPS which happened like a month ago but I had to rush back home. Almost forgot about my ticket until I was clearing my wallet. This is one of my favorite photos taken at the Alive Museum! I would advise ladies to wear shorts or jeans because there would be plenty of sitting, squatting and lying down for crazy and wacky shots! :P


There were a couple of exhibits right outside Alive Museum that you can pose with even without an entrance ticket. We had an appointment in the afternoon so we kinda rushed through a little. It was just snap and go without wasting too much time. Anyway, do you know that there is free WiFi access in the museum? You can upload your phtos on the go!


Alive Museum is Singapore’s brand new fun and entertainment destination which is suitable for people of all ages. Sprawling over 10,000 square feet, more than 80 artwork exhibits are brought ALIVE with 3D painting, shading and drawing techniques that create visual illusions. Not only will visitors be able to experience magical ideas in reality by touching and watching objects, they will also be part of the masterpiece!



All hail the King! I could only identify Bruce Lee and Spiderman. Heh..



Didn’t know how to pose so ended up like this. LOL.


Steve Jobs’ secret to success?


Act yi ge Wolverine! As you can see, there were a number of people in our photo. Kinda irritating lor.


GASP! My hubs and Spiderman?!


Oh please please please let me strike TOTO!





There are a number of exhibits that are uniquely Singapore such as this!







So sad! misterchewy said I got exactly the same pose as the zombie behind me. Lol.





YO wassup! Check out my breakdancing skills!

















Hehe ok that’s all! Adult tickets cost $25 and there’s a 20% discount for online booking at the moment. I find that it is kinda pricey given that Alive Museum isn’t really such a big scale exhibition. However, if you are around Suntec City area and have a couple of hours to kill, do pop by and have a good time!

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Alive Museum
Suntec City Mall
#03-372 (Between Towers 3 and 4)

Opening Hours:
10am – 10pm (Last admission at 9pm)

Blog Hop: The Blogging Process

photo (1)

Happy Monday, everyone! I got tagged in this blog hop! This tagging game is getting very popular among bloggers these days ah. Haha. First, I got tagged on Instagram for a consecutive five days photo challenge. And now, this! This thing is called The Blogging Process and I have absolutely no idea who started it.


Mummy Jolin from www.the-js-arena.blogspot.com was kind enough to drop me a message via FB and asked if I would like to participate in this blog hop instead of telling me, “Nah! You are tagged! Go do it!” LOL. I was acquainted with Jolin only after a mummy bloggers’ event because I found her son irresistably adorable and snapped a few photos of him. I posted the one I liked best, for the purpose of introducing the product, which is a food feeder, and Jolin asked if she could grab the pic. Why not, it’s her son! And that’s how we started talking :)


1) What am I working on?

I started off writing about food and subsequently went into lifestyle and travel. I have been recently promoted to a mummy blogger too! So yeah, I basically write about anything and everything that interests me!

photo (2)

2) How does my work differ from others in its genre?

My blog has seen me through being attached to misterchewy after I graduated from NUS, to getting engaged, married and now with Baby Chanelle! I have some very loyal readers and followers who grew together with me on this amazing journey. Their heartfelt emails and messages are what keep me going! I also have new followers telling me that they love my blog for its personal touch.

3) Why do I write what I do?

My blog is not just a blog. It is also my virtual diary that I’m comfortable to share with so many people. I like to blog about how the husband and I celebrate special occasions so that I can always look back many years down the road.

4) How does my writing process work?

Hmm.. This is interesting because my writing process has changed dramatically ever since Chanelle was born. I used to be able to attend tasting sessions or media events 3 or 4 times a week until I was heavily pregnant. I thought I could ‘resume business’ after I pop but I was so wrong. I can never seem to get enough rest even though I head to bed as early as 10pm on certain days. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night at like 3am to edit photos or draft my post when Chanelle is sound asleep. There were instances when I switch on my laptop and within 15 minutes, she wakes up crying for milk and I have to keep everything aside. So, a blog post may take many nights for me to complete! But I’m not complaining because Chanelle is more important than my blog. Blogging can wait but my baby can’t :)

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Next Monday, Mummy Cindy from www.thehootingpost.wordpress.com will be sharing about her very own blogging process! I also got to know her through the above mentioned event! Baby V is also very cute la! :D

Kuro Kin Japanese Dining Singapore Food Review


While misterchewy is still away in the States, my family celebrated my birthday with me a few days before the actual day since I stay with my in laws on weekdays. Yay! I got to eat my favorite Japanese cuisine again! My mum wanted to go to The Grandstand so it was down to Kuro Kin Japanese Dining among the few Japanese restaurants over there.


Before I delve into the food review, I have to say that the wait for our sashimi was excruciatingly long when the restaurant was not even half occupied. It certainly didn’t leave a very good first impression on us. Besides, we noticed that the table next to us arrived much later but got their food served first! We asked the wait staff and it turned out that it was “the Chef’s arrangement”. I wonder is that fair?


I was really bored until I noticed this cute little toothpick holder! *Meow*


Received two types of appetizers on the house because they acknowledged that we had waited for too long for our food! Thankfully, the appetizers tasted pretty decent.



We ordered the Sashimi Take ($86) to share among my dad, brother and I. My mum is the only one in the family who doesn’t eat raw food while I can never have enough of sashimi! These were very firm, fresh and thickly sliced.


I needed my rice and was trying to decide between sushi and chirashi. Decided that it was easier to share the Kuro Kin Sushi ($45). Love all the sushi pieces that I ate!


Ebi Tempura ($23) was lightly battered to a nice shade of golden brown and was crispy.


Highly recommend the Gindara Moriawase ($26) which is grilled cod fish coated in three different sauces – sweet miso, mentaiko and teriyaki sauce. I like the mentaiko one best!


We ordered the Surume Ika Teriyaki ($20) because my mum loves grilled squid with sweet teriyaki sauce. Alternatively, you can also order the shioyaki version which is coated with sea salt. The squid was still quite chewy!


We also ordered two bowls of Kaisen Chahan ($12) to share because we have two big men in the family. The seafood fried rice was very fragrant albeit a little oily.


A photo with my happy Chanelle! Hopefully, she will be able to sing me a birthday song next year :P
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Kuro Kin Japanese Dining
The Grandstand
200 Turf Club Road
Tel: 6462-1213

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm to 10pm

Chanelle’s First Play Date


I applied leave yesterday quite some time ago and over the weekend, I felt like doing something different with Little misschewy. To put things simply, I wanted to get out of the house! Since Chanelle has started to develop social awareness, I thought it would be good to allow her to interact with other babies around her age. I mentioned previously that I joined the March 2014 EDD mummies group on Facebook and I remember that there is a fellow mummy who is a SAHM and stays very near my in laws’ place. So, I dropped her a text and asked if she was keen on a play date and if we could go over to her place because I don’t have a play mat, yet. Mummy Fiona very kindly agreed and we also asked Mummy Jasmine to join in! :)



I probably didn’t give Chanelle sufficient time to get used to the new environment before letting her lie on the play mat together with Natalie and Joash. Poor girl was a little frightened by the unfamiliar faces around her, looked at me with a frown and started to wail before I could quickly pick her up to comfort her. After her milk, she was all smiles and babbling away endlessly!


Even though the babies were too young to know how to play with one another, I felt that it was a very good experience for me and Chanelle.
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Chikuwa Tei: Best Chirashi in Singapore


Happy birthday to me and cheers to our 4th year dating anniversary! :) I think too many things happened within these four years, so much so that I thought we were together for five years already. LOL.

Here’s a quick recap:

- We got together on 26 July 2010.
– Successfully balloted for our BTO after dating for 3 months in October 2010.
Got engaged on 26 June 2011.
Solemnized our marriage on 9 September 2011 on his birthday.
Held our customary wedding on 3 March 2013.
Little misschewy came into our lives on 18 March 2014.


It’s really nice to reminisce about the past and to know that we have come a relatively long way. It’s the second time that misterchewy wasn’t able to celebrate my birthday on the actual day itself because this time, he’s in the States for a two-week work stint. The first time was when we just got together in 2010 and he had to help out at his hall’s freshman orientation camp in NTU.


We celebrated both occasions before he left for his trip and we finally decided to go for my favourite cuisine of all time! I think I can eat Japanese food everyday without getting sick of it. Haha who’s with me? :P Actually, misterchewy wanted to bring me for high tea at Ritz Carlton but the place was fully booked as it was a pretty last minute decision. With a baby in the house, most of our decisions are made out of spontaneity. High tea at Fullerton also no space. And then we wanted to try Mikuni at Fairmont Hotel, also fully booked.


In the end, we were left with Chikuwa Tei at Mohamed Sultan Road which was started by Chef Peter Ho, who was also the former chef of Wasabi Tei. I wasn’t too thrilled about the ambience but all I wanted was to relax and have a good meal. We reached when it just opened for dinner so it was pretty empty but there was a queue forming outside when we left the place. Yes, you are strongly advised to make reservations.


I never step out of a Japanese restaurant without ordering Sashimi Moriawase ($38)! I just don’t understand people who do not eat raw food (like my mum)! They have no idea what they are missing out. Just like Wasabi Tei, Chikuwa Tei is also very well known for its thickly sliced sashimi! It’s a party in my mouth YO!


We were highly recommended to try this particular Chirashi Special Set ($68) which is only available every Sunday and Tuesday. The sashimi slices are the freshest of the lot and are not kept frozen. Every mouthful was so delightful and our favourite was the otoro. We were given three thick slices of otoro which were very high in fat content and brought the term “melt in the mouth” to a whole new level.


Our Chirashi set also came with Chawanmushi, a bowl of miso soup and two slices of watermelon. The Chawanmushi, albeit a little watery, was smooth and chock full of ingredients such as mushroom and prawns.


After the sashimi moriawase and chirashi, we wanted to order uni to share but they ran out of uni by then. The hubs loves scallops so we went for the highly recommended Nama Hotate ($30). It was a refreshing way to eat scallop with a drizzle of lemon juice and a dash of chili dip.


Jowl Buta Yaki ($12) tasted pretty decent, especially with some beer! I think we will order more yakitori on our next visit.


Chikuwa Tei’s menu is pretty extensive and I wanted to try the Fugu Mirin ($15). Tasted a little bit like bak kwa and it was exceptionally good with some mayonnaise.


We spent about $270 in total, inclusive of 4 bottles of Sapporo beer. My parents and brother had dinner at Liang Court with Little misschewy in tow so that misterchewy and I could enjoy our dinner together. A big thanks to them!
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Chikuwa Tei
9 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238959
Tel: 6738 9395

Opening Hours:
Mon to Thu
11.30am – 3pm
6pm – 10pm
Fri & Sat
11.30am – 3pm
6pm – 11.30pm
11.30am – 3pm
6pm – 10pm