Chikuwa Tei: Best Chirashi in Singapore


Happy birthday to me and cheers to our 4th year dating anniversary! :) I think too many things happened within these four years, so much so that I thought we were together for five years already. LOL.

Here’s a quick recap:

- We got together on 26 July 2010.
– Successfully balloted for our BTO after dating for 3 months in October 2010.
Got engaged on 26 June 2011.
Solemnized our marriage on 9 September 2011 on his birthday.
Held our customary wedding on 3 March 2013.
Little misschewy came into our lives on 18 March 2014.


It’s really nice to reminisce about the past and to know that we have come a relatively long way. It’s the second time that misterchewy wasn’t able to celebrate my birthday on the actual day itself because this time, he’s in the States for a two-week work stint. The first time was when we just got together in 2010 and he had to help out at his hall’s freshman orientation camp in NTU.


We celebrated both occasions before he left for his trip and we finally decided to go for my favourite cuisine of all time! I think I can eat Japanese food everyday without getting sick of it. Haha who’s with me? :P Actually, misterchewy wanted to bring me for high tea at Ritz Carlton but the place was fully booked as it was a pretty last minute decision. With a baby in the house, most of our decisions are made out of spontaneity. High tea at Fullerton also no space. And then we wanted to try Mikuni at Fairmont Hotel, also fully booked.


In the end, we were left with Chikuwa Tei at Mohamed Sultan Road which was started by Chef Peter Ho, who was also the former chef of Wasabi Tei. I wasn’t too thrilled about the ambience but all I wanted was to relax and have a good meal. We reached when it just opened for dinner so it was pretty empty but there was a queue forming outside when we left the place. Yes, you are strongly advised to make reservations.


I never step out of a Japanese restaurant without ordering Sashimi Moriawase ($38)! I just don’t understand people who do not eat raw food (like my mum)! They have no idea what they are missing out. Just like Wasabi Tei, Chikuwa Tei is also very well known for its thickly sliced sashimi! It’s a party in my mouth YO!


We were highly recommended to try this particular Chirashi Special Set ($68) which is only available every Sunday and Tuesday. The sashimi slices are the freshest of the lot and are not kept frozen. Every mouthful was so delightful and our favourite was the otoro. We were given three thick slices of otoro which were very high in fat content and brought the term “melt in the mouth” to a whole new level.


Our Chirashi set also came with Chawanmushi, a bowl of miso soup and two slices of watermelon. The Chawanmushi, albeit a little watery, was smooth and chock full of ingredients such as mushroom and prawns.


After the sashimi moriawase and chirashi, we wanted to order uni to share but they ran out of uni by then. The hubs loves scallops so we went for the highly recommended Nama Hotate ($30). It was a refreshing way to eat scallop with a drizzle of lemon juice and a dash of chili dip.


Jowl Buta Yaki ($12) tasted pretty decent, especially with some beer! I think we will order more yakitori on our next visit.


Chikuwa Tei’s menu is pretty extensive and I wanted to try the Fugu Mirin ($15). Tasted a little bit like bak kwa and it was exceptionally good with some mayonnaise.


We spent about $270 in total, inclusive of 4 bottles of Sapporo beer. My parents and brother had dinner at Liang Court with Little misschewy in tow so that misterchewy and I could enjoy our dinner together. A big thanks to them!
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Chikuwa Tei
9 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238959
Tel: 6738 9395

Opening Hours:
Mon to Thu
11.30am – 3pm
6pm – 10pm
Fri & Sat
11.30am – 3pm
6pm – 11.30pm
11.30am – 3pm
6pm – 10pm

Win Gold Class Movie Tickets with Pickat!


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Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant: Family Dinner Before Misterchewy Travels to USA

The Chewys at Changi Airport 24 Jul 2014

Yesterday, we sent misterchewy off in the wee hours of the morning. He will be in working America for two weeks! Chanelle was sleeping when we plucked her out of bed at around 3am. She woke up with a very puzzled look and was surprisingly very well behaved throughout! It was a very sad moment for me to see misterchewy walking towards the departure gate and my tears started rolling down my cheeks :'( It’s gonna be our first time being apart for so long after 5 years together. Speaking of which, it’s our 5th year dating anniversary tomorrow! :)


A week before his work trip, both our families had dinner together at Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant at Hotel Grand Pacific. All photos were taken by misterchewy! The food was generally quite good. Sorry no time to go into detail!










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Chanelle’s Milestones at Four Months Old!


I’m guilty for being a lazy mummy and for not charting Chanelle’s developmental milestones on a regular basis. I figured it’s better late than never. Four months whizzed by and our darling girl has developed quite a bit, both physically and in terms of attaining age appropriate milestones! :)

Physical Growth: Chanelle looked a little scrawny as a newborn even though she weighed 3.36kg and was 50cm long at birth. 3 weeks ago, her weight had doubled to 6.7kg and her length was around 61.5cm. We often joke that Chanelle is as heavy as a bag of rice and she has ‘Michelin’ arms and legs! Very nice to cuddle :) You can check them out here when I previously blogged about Chanelle’s lunar 4th month traditional celebration. :P

Feeding: As much as I would like Chanelle to be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months, she is currently on one formula feed before her bedtime (sometimes none, if I latch her to sleep). While I’m at work, my mil bottle feeds Chanelle with expressed breastmilk which I store chilled in the refrigerator. To save myself the trouble of pumping and bottle feeding at night, I let Chanelle latch on and I get some sleep too. I don’t intend to introduce solids at this stage because she hasn’t begun to show interest in our food, so I suppose she isn’t ready yet.


Social: Chanelle is now very alert and aware of her surroundings. She started to smile a little more often at around 2 months. I was initially worried that I might have given birth to a grumpy baby or an angry bird because she was always frowning as a newborn. I’m quite relieved to observe that she’s generally a happy baby who’s ever ready to flash her million dollar smile but she can be pretty angsty like her mummy when her demands are not being met on a timely basis. Ok, Chanelle is impatient like mummy too. *Sigh* On a happier note, my parents actually recorded Chanelle laughing out loud continuously when my mum played Peekaboo with her. :D

Language: Chanelle has started to coo and babble, which is really very cute. She is able to hold “conversations” with us by babbling on and on for a few minutes. Sometimes, it sounds like she is complaining about her day and we try to respond in a manner that sounds like we empathize with her. I recorded some of her babbling conversations and it brings a smile to my face when I replay them. :)

Motor Skills: We started Chanelle on her very first Tummy Time when she was around 2 months plus and it went quite well because she was able to lift her head up for a few seconds. She also likes to be carried upright and instead of resting her head on our shoulders, she lifts her head up and we could tell that she used quite a bit of strength to support her back and neck because of all the wrinkles on her forehead. LOL. Tummy Time is now a breeze for her and she managed to flip successfully at 3 months plus. Currently, she flips from back to front and from front to back, just like flipping roti prata. HAHA.


Hand-Eye Coordination: We found it somewhat increasingly easy to attract Chanelle’s attention by rattling a toy in front of her. She is also able to recognize members of the family and her gaze follows us across the room.

I guess that’s all for now! I post photos and videos of Little misschewy on Instagram from time to time and if you are interested, do visit my profile @missuschewy :)

Paradise Pavilion: Best Peking Duck in Singapore


When we celebrated my dad’s birthday at The Fullerton Hotel’s Town Restaurant last year, I was still in the early stage of my pregnancy. I remembered that my mum actually said , “This time next year, there will be a little baby to celebrate together with us!” :) This year’s celebration sure feels a lot happier than the last with Baby Chanelle around!


My mum did her own research by reading up on food blogs and finally decided on Paradise Pavilion under the Paradise Group, located at Marina Bay Financial Centre. I fell in love with the sophisticated contemporary setting upon stepping into the restaurant.


It has this very posh yet cosy feeling.


Diners will be able to marvel at the Peking duck chefs executing their craft in full view. The fire brick oven had been constructed in a traditional fashion with imported materials from Beijing. Apple wood is used for roasting of the Peking duck which further accentuates its full flavour and fragrance.


To start the dinner, we each had a very yummy appetizer of crab meat with a hint of wasabi.


A hearty bowl of Double Boiled Chicken with Morel Mushroom Soup ($12) to warm the tummy!


One of my favorites that night, the Fillet Cod with Miso Sauce ($18) was firm and flaky, topped with delicious miso sauce that was sweet yet savoury.


I was looking forward to trying the Kurobuta in Garlic Sauce ($16) but felt that the sauce was a little too overwhelming and covered up the taste of the kurobuta. On a more positive note, the meat was really tender.


Paradise Pavilion is renowned for its Authentic Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck ($88) which is arguably the best peking duck in Singapore. Please bear in mind that reservations are required. It is served straight out of the oven and is carved deftly before diners.


The duck’s breast skin is the fattiest and crispiest part. It is served separately as thin slices and best enjoyed on its own or with a dab of sugar.



The rest of the sliced duck meat was wrapped in rice flour sheet which was kinda thick so I ended up eating the tender duck meat on its own!


The Ramen with Lobster in XO Sauce ($28) certainly wowed all of us. The lobster was the size of my palm! Ramen was actually like ee-fu noodles and had a spicy kick to it.


Little misschewy was sleeping in her pram while we were busy eating and when she woke up, she was all smiles :)


We were lucky enough to catch the fireworks display which was part of the National Day Parade rehearsal!




Everybody loves Baby Chanelle :D




Love family dinners like this! We will be back for Paradise Pavilion’s peking duck! Stay connected with us on Facebook and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :)

Paradise Pavilion
8A Marina Boulevard
Marina Bay Financial Centre
(Ground Plaza)
Singapore 018984
Tel: 6509 9308

Opening Hours
11.30am – 3pm (Mon to Fri) Last order 2.30pm
11am – 4pm (Sat, Sun & PH) Last order 3.30pm
6pm – 11pm (Daily) Last order 10pm

Baby Chanelle’s Lunar 4th Month Traditional Celebration


Mummy missuschewy took leave today to celebrate Chanelle’s lunar 4th month! It’s also a good time for me to update my blog while the little girl is having her nap at the moment :) I woke up at around 11am this morning to find Chanelle lying on her stomach with her head raised and looking at me. I was very surprised because she actually let me sleep in peace. LOL.


1) Trim Hair

Just bumming around in her Exersaucer from her aunts and uncle (my cousins) Sharon, Elaine and Darren! To begin Little misschewy’s lunar 4th month traditional celebration, I snipped off a bit of Chanelle’s mohawk hair. I’m not sure of the significance of doing so but my mil said to shave Chanelle totally bald and I was against it because we had already done so after her full month. Anyway the person didn’t do a fantastic job so Chanelle has really funky hair now! :P


2) Ang Bao

Both grandmothers prepared a red packet each for Chanelle as a form of blessing. We had opened an OCBC Mighty Savers account for her over the weekend so this is gonna go into her savings! $$$ Kaching! $$$


Looking intently at the ang bao.


Hmm.. Looks edible! Haha Chanelle is starting to put things into her mouth. At times she doesn’t want the pacifier and prefers to stuff her entire fist into her mouth and her hands would be wet with saliva. We reckon she might be beginning to show signs of teething.


She seems pretty interested in her Exersaucer too!


3) Chives (Ku Chye)

I joined the March 2014 EDD mummies group on Facebook and learned that chives (ku chye) play an important role in baby’s lunar 4th month traditional celebration. I wrapped a stalk of chives around my finger and rubbed it along Chanelle’s gums. This signifies a smooth sailing and painless teething journey ahead! :)


Want a piece of drumstick my little darling?


Oh Mummy.. Is this really for me?


4) Chicken Drumstick

Ok then! I shall take a big bite out of this delicious looking chicken drumstick! Om nom nom nom! Haha ok what I did was to let Chanelle lick the drumstick instead. She will be blessed with good food and let’s hope that she will not be a fussy eater like her Papa! Lucky me, I get to eat the drumstick after that :P


5) A string of biscuits

For the final ritual, my mum helped to string 8 Marie biscuits using a red thread for me to bring back to my in laws’ place. We tied it around Little misschewy’s neck and she sat there #likeaboss. I had seen photos of my cousins doing this to their kids and it never fails to amuse me!


One by one, I touched Chanelle’s lips with each biscuit and recited “qit ta ta” in Hokkien, which translates to “wipe dry dry”. Yes, you might have guessed it. This is to prevent or minimise drooling!


Well, does this ritual thingy really work? I’m not sure but I definitely hope it does! Anyway, neither of our parents did this for us when misterchewy and I were babies but they were open to the idea when I told them about this. It was fun and the photos captured will serve as nice memories many years down the road! Stay connected with us on Facebook and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :)

Matching Beushoes for Mummy and Child

- Sponsored Post


I shall start off this post by quoting Marilyn Monroe, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Our shoes certainly play a very important role in our everyday lives and it can either make or break your day. I’m here to introduce to you Singapore’s first bespokes shoes for children, be*U! Hitting the shelves at Takashimaya Department Store and TweenAge earlier in May this year, be*U is an award-winning luxurious children shoe brand which encourages originality and personal expression. This is made possible with over 600 designs, 100 colors and 6 different types of leathers such as kangaroo, cow, lamb, ostrich, horsehide and crocodile.

Photo credit: Beushoes

Apart from the unique appearance of the brand’s range of shoes, be*U places a strong emphasis on quality and uses only the finest genuine leather sourced from Europe and America to produce award-winning products that embody the true spirit of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Do you know that each pair of shoes is painstakingly handmade by well-trained artisans and requires 10 hours of workmanship? This includes cutting of the leather, sewing, stitching and embossing of the name and message, making each pair truly unique.


This gift box set comes with a variety of motfis that you can choose from for your child to match his/her various outfits. It also upps the fun factor as well!


All the designs are done by hand and the leathers are cut out piece by piece by experienced craftsmen. What you see here is just a very small fraction of what is actually available. There are designs that are gender neutral and gender specific.


The ingenious idea of incorporating velcro enables the easy interchanging of different motif designs. Who wouldn’t love a pair of shoes like these? Your little one gets to choose his/her own motifs whenever wherever!


Apart from the special gift box set, these are some of the many shoes from be*U’s kids collection. As you can see, the possibilities are endless! All the designs are so cute!


Chanelle is really lucky to be able to own her very first pair of walking shoes from be*U even though she hasn’t even started to crawl. Haha! A very lovely red and pink Narcissus design from the kids keyboard collection.


Examining her kicks with much interest!


Much thought went into designing the perfect pair of be*U shoes. The signature patented keyboard outsole is an award winning invention. The keyboard outsole maximizes the flexibility and shock absorbancy in the heel. Stitched by hand instead of glue, the outsole is certainly built to last for a very long time!


Children learning to walk tend to swing thus the heel counter helps correct walking postures as it contains a stiffener to provide solid support to the heel and hold the feet more firmly. Body weight is also supported by the heel thus reducing the extra tension created, resulting in an excellent environment for children’s foot development.


be*U shoes are equipped with adequate cushioning of the insole and a built-in arch for ultimate comfort and support for the feet. The shoes also open up widely and allows kids to put them on easily, without the help of an adult.


be*U shoes use the classic stitch because it will not unravel. The hand-sewn lined thread is coated with wax to make it smooth, waterproof and to prevent rotting.


If you notice from the photo, be*U rounded shoes are extra wide, and thus mimics barefoot walking closely. The rounded edges provide more room for the little toes and allow feet to move, grip and feel the floor. This way, little feet can grow properly and develop strength and musculature through the grasping action of the toes.


The new ankle-high cut provides more support and hence more protection, which lowers the risk of ankle sprains.


It may be hard to believe but children’s feet perspire heavily! be*U only uses 100% genuine leather as it is a breathable material. It is not only more durable but also helps to keep the child’s foot cooler and dryer which prevents blisters, discomfort and odour.


Mummy missuschewy is also very lucky to receive a pair of Ballerina shoes to match Baby Chanelle’s! The adult ballerina comes in five different widths and mums are welcome to customize their pairs as well. The other be*U signature in the ballerina range are the 12-hour shoes, which are designed for long periods of standing. With a wider width, shock absorption, energy-return insole and high durability outsole, the 12-hour ballerinas provide the ultimate comfort that cannot be found elsewhere. I can’t wait for Chanelle to start walking so that we can wear our matching shoes and conquer the world together! ;)

We are happy to offer a discount code to parents who are keen!

1) ‘Like’ be*U’s Facebook page and/or Follow be*U’s Instagram account to view more designs.

2) Place your order online (not valid for purchase at retail shops) by emailing or dropping a private message on Facebook. Quote ‘missuschewy’ to enjoy 20% off! This promotion is valid till 31st July 2014.