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Hello everyone! Have you ever bought something, only to realize that it does not suit your needs or is not exactly to your liking? It used to happen to me and I either had to discard the product or give it away to someone else! Well, that was way before I found out about Sample Store! Hey I’m sure most of you are familiar with, or at least would have heard of Sample Store because it is the leading online try-verstising platform in Singapore that offers FREE SAMPLES and FREE MEMBERSHIP!

Sample Store homepage

Okay, for the uninitiated, Sample Store, a member of Singapore Post group of companies, is founded in 2008, built around the adage ‘Try Before You Buy’! With so many different brands and products out there in the market, it is a mind boggling affair when it comes to deciding on the right product to invest in! Thanks to Sample Store’s brilliant concept of trying before buying, consumers can now make their purchases with greater confidence that it is something they are highly likely to use as these products have been tried and tested by them. Sample Store has more than 100 different brands ranging from beauty, household, food and beverages. Simply put, there is something for everyone, even for men!

Sample Store all samples

One important thing! Sample Store is not to be mistaken for monthly subscription beauty boxes as it is an entirely different concept altogether! Members of Sample Store are allowed to redeem whatever product they would like to try, instead of receiving products that they are not keen in.

Sample Store review and rate

Another highlight of Sample Store is its review and rating system which helps members decide if they should purchase a particular product. Honestly, I have never come across such a com-prehensive rating review which gives so much information that will aid in consumer’s decision making. Also, 1 point will be awarded for every review submitted. These points are required in order for you to redeem the free sample products!



If you have not already done so, I strongly urge you to sign up to be a member of Sample Store and redeem free samples today! Upon registering for free, you may choose up to 4 samples under the ‘Free Samples’ category, or up to 4 regular sized samples under ‘All Samples’ and pay a flat-rate handling fee of S$5.99. For free samples, they are fully paid for and there will be no additional charges involved. The samples will be delivered to your doorstep and you don’t even have to pay a single cent! Absolutely FREE!

Isn’t the process fuss-free? Simply register for free, add your desired items to your cart and receive it at your doorstep! The registration process is very simple and it took me only a couple of minutes to type in all the necessary details. Click the link on your email to verify and you are good to go! You can even log in via your Facebook account with just one click! How convenient is that?

Sample Store baby category

Mummies like me will be pleased to know that there is a new Baby & Kids category on Sample Store. Apart from kids related products, you can even find trial music and maths classes for your kids! However, as it is a relatively new category, samples are limited but not to worry, there will be more in the near future! There is also a short survey that you can fill in after registering where you can indicate the brands and products that you are interested in. I would definitely like to sample various diaper brands as well as baby food!

If you have a particular product in mind that you would like to sample, simply key in your search in the search box, or filter your search by checking off the types of products (e.g. face mask) that you are keen in! I’m definitely keen on the eye masks! Was quite thrilled to receive a travel-sized Darlie Expert White toothpaste which I’m gonna bring along for my trip! Occasionally, there will be regular-sized products available for sampling, so keep your eyes peeled!

Together with me and 130,000 other members, sign up now for FREE on!

Sample Store Easter Party

To celebrate Easter Day, Sample Store is having a Easter family day event – D’Easter Wonderland! Admission is FREE and there will be plenty of fun-filled activities for everyone! Sample Store members will get to enjoy more perks and privileges during the event, so don’t forget to sign up for an account and RSVP NOW –

Date: 5th April 2015
Time: 10am to 6pm
Location: Downtown East D’Marquee

See you there!

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Little misschewy’s One Year Old Photoshoot + Cake Smash


WHOOHOO! Little misschewy is ONE year old today! Knowing that it will take about a month to receive the photos, kiasu mummy planned a photoshoot way in advance! Chanelle was slightly over 11 months old when these photos were taken. Based on past experiences, we kinda knew what to do and ‘forced’ her to take about an hour long nap before the photoshoot. We timed it quite well such that the instant she woke up, we chionged to the studio without wasting any time. LOL. I had also warmed up a bottle of milk and brought it along with us. Just before we commenced the shoot, she finished the entire bottle. Eat full full, sleep full full! Half the battle is won! I must say that misterchewy and I are pretty satisfied with the photos! :D


I was trying to suppress my laughter upon seeing Chanelle’s reaction when she saw her own reflection in the mirror. She kept inching forward until her face touched the mirror! Anyway, we topped up to get back all the softcopies. The ones posted here are some of my favorites.





My my.. Didn’t know that my boyish looking baby could look so girly here. Hahaha.





Chanelle looks really grown up here! Seriously, where did all the time go?!





Hello surfer girl!



When I learned about the cake smash idea months ago, I thought it was really interesting and I was excited about it! The whole idea behind it is to celebrate your baby’s first year by letting your baby have a first taste of his or her own birthday cake!


Look how happy Chanelle is! I would like to sincerely thank BakeAvenue for sponsoring us this gorgeous pink giant cupcake! When I first saw it, I was like… WOW!!! BakeAvenue specializes in rainbow and ombre cakes, as well as macarons in various shapes and sizes! I ordered some macarons and cupcakes from BakeAvenue for Chanelle’s birthday party and I will cover that in a separate post!



Chanelle’s reaction towards the giant cupcake was priceless. At first, she was indifferent to cake. She looked at it but didn’t reach out to touch it. Then she crawled around it and finally, patted it very cautiously. Yes, she PATTED the cake.


Confusion written all over her face when she had butter cream on her fingers!


And then she felt scared. Like.. What is this thing on my fingers?! (At that point, I kinda suspected that she’s a cleanliness freak like me.)


Chanelle was only willing to lick her fingers after I wiped a bit of butter cream on her lips.



Hmmm.. It’s yummy! Clap clap!









Hope you guys enjoyed this set of photos! Sending everyone lotsa love from Hong Kong!
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Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Treatment Promotion at Headlines Hairdressing


It’s a good six months since I last did the Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Treatment for my hair at Headlines Hairdressing! Just a quick recap, MUCOTA is one of the top prestigious hair care products which have been in Japan since 1983. They have a range of products and Dyna is the latest technology which helps to reduce frizzy hair while making hair straighter at the same time. Unlike the anti-frizz treatment in the current market, it is 100% NO FORMALDEHYDE. Do you know that Formaldehyde is possibly associated with cancer? *GASP* So please choose something safe like Dyna! It is suitable for people who had rebonded their hair before or have unruly and unmanageable hair. As a mother myself, I’m very happy to share that the Dyna treatment is very safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers! The key ingredient is Argan oil, which is commonly being referred to as “liquid gold”. When Argan oil penetrates the hair follicle, it gives the hair plenty of volume, while making it smooth and silky at the same time! :)


Before the treatment, my hair used to be very dry and frizzy. Managing my hair is such a breeze these days. Thanks to the Mucota Dyna Argan Oil treatment, my hair is still so smooth and naturally straight! Within this span of 6 months, I dyed my hair twice but it’s not excessively dry or damaged. Highly recommend this treatment to all who’s looking for something that’s value for money with long lasting effects! Currently, there is a super irresistible promotion at Headlines Hairdressing! Grab a friend, look for Charles, quote me “Charlene Missuschewy” to enjoy the treatment at just $198 per person! For other services, you will get to enjoy 10% to 30% discount! Remember to call to make an appointment :)

Headlines Hairdressing
18 Cross Street
China Square Central
Telephone: +65 6221 6866

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri
10.30am – 8.30pm
10.30am – 7pm
Sun & PH
10.30am – 5pm

Valentine’s Day Staycation at Sheraton Towers Singapore


Hellooooo I’m back! Had been really really busy preparing for Little misschewy’s One year old birthday party! Didn’t have time to update my blog because of that. Can’t believe there is so much involved but we are glad that it’s finally over! Hahaha. I’m here to talk about our Valentine’s Day this year! It was by far the best out of the 5 that misterchewy and I had spent together! :D


That morning, my parents picked Chanelle up and she had a staycation at their place. Hehe. We then hurriedly packed our stuff for our own staycation. As soon as we got into the car, the hubs unceremoniously handed me a bouquet of flowers… in a paper bag! LOL. I was a bit disgusted and threw the paper bag back at him. Eh that’s like how unromantic. Haha ok la I shouldn’t complain so much right? :P



Our Valentine’s Day staycation was at Sheraton Towers Singapore. I think the more popular ones had already been snapped up very quickly. At least the room is quite spacious and clean. For cheap hotels booking, search thousands of hotels site with Money Digest’s Hotel Search Engine as they guaranteed to show you results with the best price hotels in town!


Shower curtain! Can’t remember when was the last time I saw one in a hotel.










The hubs was hungry so we went for some ice cream at Island Creamery before dinner!


I had the pineapple tart flavored ice cream!


Took some photos because we reached the place early.



We were one of the first few to arrive The White Rabbit. Dinner place was chosen by misterchewy.











Only the Valentine’s set menu was offered that day. Looking back, it was kinda funny that we were surrounded by tables and tables of couples! The hubs and I had fun people watching and trying to guess if those couples were still dating or already married, and for how long. Like those couples who had their eyes glued to their phones, 90% possibility married. HAHA.



We popped a bottle of champagne when we went back to our room that night.


Thanks for the wonderful Valentine’s Day! <3

Why is Platinum So Expensive?

Many Many people understand very little as to why the value of platinum is what it is, so we thought we’d drop everything we were doing to explain why!

Platinum is a relatively unknown metal because it has a much shorter history in modern circles than other precious metals like gold and silver.

And when the market is healthy, platinum can be more than double the price of gold –although its value can also fall well below the value of gold when the market is weak. Platinum is strange like that; but how come?


The History of Platinum

First let’s take a look at the history of platinum and go back –way back. Around 2 billion years ago by scientist’s current guess, to when the first known asteroid crash landed into earth and caused a whole lot of problems for the planet. That was somewhere around 2 Billion BC.

That asteroid, and many like it contained scores of platinum, which is otherwise an incredibly rare metal on planet earth.

The next recorded “platinum event” was logged a whole lot later in history than that, as archaeologists located jewellery made from gold from the long lost kingdom of ancient Nubia which had traces of platinum within it. That was in 1200 BC.

And then in 700 BC, Egypt’s high priestess Shepenupet was buried in a majestic gold and platinum decorated sarcophagus, its hieroglyphs fashioned out of the two precious metals. In addition to platinum glyphs, a small document casket made of platinum was also included within her tomb.

Fast Forward another several hundred years, and in 100 BC pre-Inca civilisations had used the precious metal platinum in ceremonial jewellery located in what we now consider South America.

For over two millennia following the pre-Inca civilisation that were familiar with the metal, it hadn’t made another recorded appearance.

By 1590 AD, Spanish conquistadors were ravaging the people of the land once dominated by the Incas in South America and came across the metal. As history remembers the conquistadors for their brutal barbaric behaviours and less so their smarts, they dismissed the precious metal as inferior and gave it the origin of the name we call it today; they called it “platina”, meaning “little silver”. And that’s when its name stuck.

In the 1700’s, when early European scientists were obsessed with the concept of being able to turn lead into gold, they praised platinum as just the ingredient to be able to accomplish the feat. The practice at the time was called Alchemy.

Later that century, in 1751, a scientist from Sweden finally labelled the metal as precious. And later yet in that century, King Louis XV1 of France declared the metal the only metal fit for kings.

Throughout the close of the 17th century, the metal had been used in gifts to the Pope of the day, and also became the centre point of the metric system.

Platinum was the choice of the first standard kilogram metric weight, and that weight still exists today in the International Bureau of Weights and Measures.

The precious metal was used for everything from religious symbols to interior decoration until another scientist from Britain discovered a way to make the metal more malleable, thus increasing its number of applications dramatically. It was finally ready for commercial uses.

Since then, the precious metal platinum has been discovered in deposits located in Russia and Africa, and jewellers were just about the central group who used the metal for their creations. The metal was used in royal crowns, gifts for tsars, diamond platinum eternity rings and eventually deemed a “strategic metal” by the United States during WWII when resources were low. This new designation temporarily made using it for jewellery illegal, although after the war the precious metal was back in the hands of jewellers by 1947. Just in time for Elvis to popularize the metal for wedding rings a mere 20 years later.

The story ends with platinum being a vogue jewellery choice from the red carpet to her Majesty in jolly old England.

With a rich history (pun!) like that, and with its absolute rarity status, platinum has retained its value and no artificial process has been found where we can make our own from scratch as we can with diamonds.
And there are so many things we can do with diamonds, but that is a story for another day!

Back to the Future

Now back to present day; platinum is exchanged on stock markets, collect in coin form, and Switzerland offers platinum accounts where the precious metal can be bought or sold like currencies.

While gold can have its roots traced back to early merchants, it still has made numerous more appearances through history to warrant it a lower value than platinum for the most part.

Platinum is a super metal, one that has such an exceptional history that can only be matched by fantasy, like Superman’s Krypton. Except we don’t need an alien to travel millions of miles to bring it to us –it’s here and now, and as close as your local jeweller.

This article is contributed by Media Buzzer.

How I Save Money on Hotel Bookings

For those that travels often, you would have known that there are often many planning to do once you have decided on your next dream destination. I have travelled to many parts of the world and have went through all the different kind of experiences that i think i can fill up the entire Tripadvisor with reviews!

From deciding on my preferred airlines (reliability, comfortableness and how attractive the frequent flyer program is) to the nitty-gritties such as researching on the places of interest and where are the places for me to shop, eat and play!

There is one thing i pay special attention to. Hotels.

Hotels may be something that most people overlook and find it unimportant as most of the time you would be exploring the different attractions and will only be back at night! So why pay for something that is not the most important part of the travel?

But look, whether my holiday is a do or break depends on the hotels i book when i travel. After a long day of activities, what i’m looking forward to is a comfortable room and bed for me to retreat to before starting the next day being revitalized and recharged. (It would be a plus if i can take a nice hot bath in a bathtub!)

As a result, i often spend the bulk of my time planning and researching on hotels to make sure i get a quality room.

Of course, quality room could also means that i may have to increase my budget.

Recently, Money Digest (a Singapore-based site that help you save money) has introduced a hotels search engine that compare across thousands of hotels sites including aggregators! I’m sure you have heard and have used some of the hotels aggregator sites such as Expedia, Hotels.Com and Agoda.

How Money Digest’s Hotels Search Engine is different is they combined the individual hotels together with the aggregators and list down all the hotels for your comparison!

Money Digest Hotels Search Engine

What does it means for travellers? You get very competitively priced hotels!

Too good to be true? Let’s pick some hotels and try it.

1. Hong Kong

  • Date: 21 Feb 2015 – 24 Feb 2015 (3 nights)
  • Hotel: Mingle By The Park
  • 2 adults in 1 room

Money Digest’s Hotel Search Engine

Double room at $774 for 3 nights (inclusive of taxes and fees) – by HotelClub

Mingle By The Park HotelClub



Same room at $912.66 for 3 nights (inclusive of taxes and fees)


The price is not competitive to the rest and that could also be the reason why it was not listed on Money Digest’s Search Engine.

2. Paris

  • Date: 1 Mar 2015 – 6 Mar 2015
  • Hotel: Le Marcel
  • 2 adults in 1 room

Money Digest’s Hotel Search Engine

Double Standard room at $849 for 5 nights (inclusive of taxes and fees) – Booking Direct

MD Hotels 1Le Marcel Direct


Same room at $821.99 for 5 nights (exclusive of taxes and fees)

(Costs $904.19 after 10% hotel tax)


Agoda Hotels


3. Best Price Guaranteed Feature

One attractive feature is the best price guaranteed option being offered to customers. What does it means?

If you find the hotel that you booked is cheaper elsewhere, let them know within 24 hours and you will be refunded with the difference! *Terms and conditions apply

With this feature, you can almost certainly be sure that you are getting the best deal around in the market.



  • Money Digest’s Hotels Search Engine(MD HSE) is more transparent as it includes hotel tax and fees in its listing
  • MD HSE offers more choices with more listings
  • MD HSE offers a best price guaranteed feature

As a result, provide more competitively priced hotels for travelers like you and me!

It works out to be a lot savings accumulated over a year if you travel a lot. You may even be able use the savings to purchase another air tickets to Hong Kong or Bali!

This article is contributed by Money Digest.