Jara Petit Cheesecups Baby Shower Package

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Happy hump day, Chewys! We threw a baby shower for Chanelle one week in advance over the weekend :) It was the MIL’s suggestion and she wanted to invite her family members and relatives so we went along with it. I personally was quite afraid that Chanelle would be overstimulated with so many people carrying and cuddling her but she slept so soundly for the first few hours. When she finally woke up, all aunties and grannies were fawning over her and showering her with hugs and kisses. LOL.


I was really lucky to receive Jara Petit’s email two weeks before Little misschewy’s baby shower because my MIL was also planning to order full month packages and that certainly saved us some trouble amidst the busy period. We were blessed with 20 boxes of Cheesecups with gift favours and had them delivered to our place early in the morning on the day of the celebration. I like the simple and clean design of the boxes, and of course, blue is my favourite color! ;) What are Cheesecups, you ask? Cheesecups are miniature cheesecakes in cups, an interesting hybrid between cheesecakes and cupcakes! What a brilliant idea! More often than not, even a cheesecake lover like myself find it hard to polish off a slice of cheesecake all by myself in a single sitting. These Cheesecups available in muffin cup sizes allow one to indulge without guilt!


Founded in 2009, Jara Petit Cheesecups sparked off as a hobby between best friends Jia Hui and Cara after the duo devoted much time in the kitchen experimenting various ways of baking cheesecakes in their favourite flavours. The girls shared their Cheesecups with family and friends, which were very well received and this spurred the two best friends to turn their hobby into a business setting up a Jara Petit Cheesecups bakery in 2013. They started selling Cheesecups online, gathering feedback and improving on the Cheesecups along the way. In July 2013, Jara Petit set up their first pop-up store at a quaint café along Bussorah Street and managed to build a small but significant following. Jia Hui and Cara were then determined to focus their efforts on opening a permanent shop at Dhoby Ghaut Xchange, which is slated to open on 17 April!


Jara Petit’s Cheesecups are hand-baked daily using premium cream cheese and fresh ingredients. You can rest assured that there are no added preservatives or artificial flavouring. These Cheesecups are also suitable for vegetarians and Muslims as they do not contain gelatine or pork derived ingredients. Made up of three layers – the wheatmeal biscuit crust, cheesecake and toppings, Jara Petit’s Cheesecups are specially catered to suit our local tastebuds and currently come in nine signature flavours – Classic, Blueberry, Lemon, Durian, Matcha, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, Banoffee and Lavender! On the overall, the Cheesecups are neither cloyingly rich nor sweet, and they taste really refreshing! They are best consumed chilled. Plastic spoons were provided and I was digging into the Cheesecups like a happy little girl. Even my MIL who isn’t much of a desserts person was singing praises for these yummy goodies! :)


There are 5 types of baby shower packages that you can choose from. Prices range from $10 to $28 per box with a minimum order of 10 boxes. Our package consists of 3 Cheesecups and 3 gift favours. Some of the other packages come with more Cheesecups, which I highly recommend! :)


Personalized baby cards can be included at $1 each, with a minimum order of 20 pieces. Besides baby’s full name, birthday and parents’ names as seen above, the baby cards can also be customized to include baby’s photo and other details such as weight and length :)


This is the only package that has all 3 gift favours – red eggs, ang ku kuehs and marshmallows! The bags of marshmallows were such a hit among our younger nieces and nephews and it kept them occupied for a while :P


As with the gift favours, you can have your choice of Cheesecup flavours but only one combination of flavours and favours is allowed per order.


All baby shower packages come with a set of three toppers. If you wish to customize the toppers, it can be done at 80cents to $2 depending on the design.



This is by far the cutest topper I have ever seen! You can actually save some of these toppers for scrapbooking purposes :) If you are looking for unique baby shower packages that will delight your guests, Jara Petit is certainly worth considering! They also cater to other occasions and corporate events.

Opening poster FINAL

Here comes the exciting news! Jara Petit’s very first shop will be opening tomorrow, 17 April 2014, at Dhoby Ghaut Xchange! And they are running the following promotions:

1. Like and Share: People who like Jara Petit’s facebook page and share the above poster publicly on their facebook page by 17th April will stand to win a box of 9 assorted Cheesecups.

2. Opening Special: All Cheesecups will be sold at $3 each for the first week of Jara Petit’s opening. (17th April – 23rd April) Usual price is $3.30 per Cheesecup.

Hope this piece of sweet news brightens up your Wednesday! Stay connected with us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/missuschewy and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :)

Jara Petit Cheesecups
#B1-35 Dhoby Xchange
Tel: +65 6338 9335

Opening Hours:
10am – 9pm

Top 10 Ways To Save Money While Travelling


The world is yours to explore – but often time and money are holding us back from reaching our true potential. Here are ten tips that can help you easily save money while you’re travelling. Feel free to leave comments with other tips and enjoy the photos 


1. Plan in advance
Preparation is necessary for planning trips. Not only will it help keep you organised, but it will also ensure that you find cheaper tickets. Book your flights, buses, trains etc a few months in advance before your trip to help you grab the best savings. Think through your accomodation plans as well – the longer you wait, the higher prices will be.
Although flight comparison websites can be great (e.g. http://www.kayak.com) be careful for hidden charges and cancellation fees. Often if you need to cancel a flight but have booked through aggregator sites, they make it very difficult for you to cancel. My advice: use websites like these to find the cheapest options BUT once you’ve found a good option, book it through the actual airline.


2. Choose country according to budget
If you’re looking for a cheap holiday, choose a place that has cheaper day-to-day expenses and has a weaker currency than your own. If you’re living in Singapore this is easy, as the neighbouring countries are generally cheaper (e.g. Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur).
Cheaper areas in the world are often less-travelled and therefore more off the beaten path. You’ll be less likely to fall into disapointing tourist traps and will be able to engage better with the local culture if you avoid big, popular and expensive cities.

3. Choose places where you know people
Visiting a place where you know someone is far superior than being a complete stranger to a place. Friends and acquaintances not only expose you to the best spots, but they know where and how to avoid rip-offs and unnecessary expenditures.

4. Check out couponing sites
Couponing sites are growing in popularity throughout the world and are great to look at a few months (and a few weeks) before you head out on your adventure. They can give you ideas of where to go (through their extensive lists of products and services) and simply provide fast and convenient ways of saving.
From cultural events to flights, hotels and dining, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the plethora of discounts they have on offer. I’d check out Flipit’s coupons and deals – a great couponing site for just this purpose. They are available in Singapore but also in 20 other countries, so it’s likely that they’ll have something for you and your travels.


5. Couch surfing
Accomodation is, after flights, what people end up spending the most on when they travel. I would recommend Couch Surfing, a free, online website where people offer beds or couches for travelling strangers who happen to be passing by their city. The hosts are generally very enthusiastic people who are keen on meeting passerbys and welcoming them to their city.

(Metro, Washington DC)
6. Travel by public transport or walk
Public transport is always cheaper than more private forms of getting around (like taxis). It’s also how the majority of the population of a given area gets around town, so you’ll be doing it like a local and directly participating in the geography of the place.
Walking is one of the most natural gifts we have as humans and a fantastic way to spend your time if you are travelling. It’s also free – so you’ll be saving money and getting a much better feel for the area you are in.

7. Find free entertainment
Everything tastes better when it’s free! Look on social media sites, ask your concierge, or chat up a randommer at the local pub to find out what you can do for free, or at least ask for activities that they would recommend.


8. Travel during the week
Flights and other forms of transport are more expensive during peak travel times (around weekends and rush hour) so avoid these times like the plague! If you can take the time off, travel during the week 


9. Slow down to smell the roses
Try not to cram too many excursions or trips within your holiday. Spend more time in less places and take a moment to breath. Instead of trying to see 5 cities in two weeks, bring that down to only 2 cities so that you’ll be able to see more within those places. This will not only help you spend less but will enahnce your overall travelling experience, because you’ll have time to stop and smell the roses.


10. Be flexible
Travel plans can change (even mid-travel) and you never know who you may meet or what sort of circumstances may arrise. Be willing to accept this fact and embrace it with open arms – a lof of what travel should be is embracing the unexpected. So keep your chin up and your arms and eyes open.

Farewell Grandpa..

CNY with grandpa

This is the last family photo that we took with my Grandpa during this year’s Chinese New Year. He was diagnosed with metastatic renal cell carcinoma last year and his health deteriorated very quickly since then. Grandpa got weaker and thinner each time we visited him and it was a saddening sight for us. The last I saw Grandpa was on 1st March, Saturday evening. Well, life is very cruel. I gave birth to Baby Chanelle but Grandpa didn’t get a chance to see her in person because I was still doing my confinement at home when he passed away on 30 March. I can only console myself that at least he saw her photos that my dad took using his mobile phone.
R.I.P Grandpa. We miss you.

Dphotofolio Outdoor Maternity Photography

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The husband and I are extremely delighted to have our outdoor maternity photos taken by Dphotofolio. Established way back in 2005, photographers Alvin and Jane have come a long way indeed and accumulated a wealth of valuable experience from various photography projects. We met up at their studio located at King George’s Building a few weeks prior the shoot to browse at some of their work and exchange ideas as to how we want our maternity photos to turn out.


As for the venue, the possibilities are endless. Alvin suggested shooting at a lalang field, amongst a few other places but I was totally excited to have our photos taken at a lalang field because I imagined that it would be perfect in capturing the blissful and magical moments of my pregnancy. I really admire Alvin and Jane for their willingness to push their limits, go out of their comfort zones and explore areas of photography that they have barely ventured into. Alvin was even adventurous enough to suggest underwater photography! I was kinda tempted but felt that my baby bump might get in the way and make things difficult for me.


The day was a very special one for misterchewy and I. It was Valentine’s Day! Our fourth one together! The weather was kind. Very sunny and the sky was in a lovely shade of blue when we reached our first photo destination early in the morning :)


One of the most important things during a shoot is to be able to relax and have fun and that was exactly how misterchewy and I felt. The entire shoot was very enjoyable and it was also memorable as we felt Baby Chanelle’s gentle kicks when we were posing for some shots. It certainly brought a genuine smile to our faces and we just wanted to remember these special moments forever. Hope you guys like the photos as much as we do! Kudos to Alvin and Jane for being so passionate towards their love for photography and also for being so patient throughout the shoot! :)


































Not sure if you noticed that there is also a ‘horse theme’ for our photoshoot because Baby Chanelle is born in the year of the horse! That explains the real horses and horse balloons in some of the photos :P


If you like what you see, and would like to view more of Dphotofolio’s works, simply hop on over to their website or Facebook page.

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Lizzie’s Little Rainbow Diaper Cake Hampers

Diaper Cake

Mummy Charlene and Baby Chanelle received quite a few gifts from our friends, relatives and colleagues but these DIAPER CAKES from Lizzie’s Little Rainbow really take the cake! Pun unintended. This is not an advertorial or sponsored review but I just felt that these diaper cakes are waaaay too adorable not to share! They were actually gifted by my maternal second uncle and auntie, and cousins. :) There is a complete price guide on its website and you can choose either a 1-tier or 2-tier cake depending on your budget. Plenty of diapers make up the cake tiers and the rest are beautifully decorated with other useful and practical items such as baby rompers, baby receiving blanket, baby socks, etc!

Taken off Lizzie’s Little Rainbow’s Facebook page

Featured in the April 2014 issue of Mother & Baby magazine.


Cute little rompers rolled into cupcake baking cups!



Awww.. Baby socks for those tiny little feet :)


These Old Navy baby sandals almost made me squeal in delight!


Premium educational toy is also included.


A bottle of Benedictine Dom for mummy. Hehehe :P


A+ for effort and creativity!


That’s all folks! Baby Chanelle wants more milk milk! Tata for now! :D
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Printic App: Develop Polaroid-Style Prints From Your Smartphone

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When Siyuan from Printic invited me to try out their newly developed iOS and Android app which allows users to order prints from their smartphones, I couldn’t say no. I’m a very sentimental girl and I love taking photos for memories sake. But when it comes to the developing part, it’s such a hassle having to trot down to the nearest photo-developing shop and that is what really puts me off. Thank god for Printic!

photo 2

This amazing app offers you the easiest and fastest way to order HD Polaroid-style prints from your smartphone, and you can even choose photos from your Instagram and Facebook too! All it took me was just a few clicks to choose my photos and there is even a simple editing function in the app which allows you to crop your photos, change the color of the border, as well as add some text or messages in different fonts. Best of all, delivery is FREE worldwide!

photo 1

Confirmation will be sent via email almost instantly upon checkout! You can also personalize and send prints to your loved ones and friends simply by typing in their address.


Here are some of the photos which I chose to develop :)




I’m sharing the promo code which was enclosed together with my prints. Key in MAILLOVE and receive 2 free prints! Have fun with Printic! You will love it! :D

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Little Misschewy Has Finally Arrived!


SAY HELLO TO LITTLE MISSCHEWY!! :D Our little princess was born on 18th March, on a CHEWSDAY (Tuesday la) night! Guess what guys? My EDD was 12th March but everyone says that our baby knows how to enjoy life inside mummy’s tummy and refuses to come out so soon. Or maybe she enjoys going to work with me :P


During the wee hours of the morning at around 2-3am on 18th March, I started to feel really strong and unbearable contractions and this lasted throughout the night. I was drifting in and out of sleep because of the immense pain, and tried my best to time my contractions. The intervals got shorter with time and misterchewy decided that we should go to the hospital. I was pretty reluctant because I felt that I didn’t have enough sleep. LOL.


Admitted myself slightly after 9am and was immediately shown into the delivery suite. Was asked to change into a robe and nurses did some checks on me before reporting to my gynae. I was told that my dilation was only 0.5cm! One of the nurses also administered me an enema and I washed up before being put on a drip which was to make my contractions even stronger to help with the dilation.


The contractions became really excruciating and I felt like I was going to faint or die any moment! The hubs offered me his hand. No la I didn’t bite it but left quite a few fingernail marks on it. LOL. In the end, I begged asked for pain relief. EPIDURAL TO THE RESCUE!


After that very shiok. The injecting of epidural wasn’t that bad after all. Better than having to bear with that bitch of a pain! I could still feel contractions but there wasn’t any pain at all. Felt so relaxed! My gynae popped in twice, first was to rupture my waterbag, and at around 4.30pm she worked her magic and increased my dilation to 5cm. Shall spare you the details.


By late evening, I was damn sleepy already. Totally unprepared when gynae told me to start pushing. Besides, my lower body was feeling numb. I thought that I was using all my might to push already but my gynae told me, “You’re not pushing at all. You need to push harder.” Wah faints. Seeing that I was so tired, she told me to rest and she would be back in less than an hour. Sooo.. I took a nap and gynae came back at 7.30pm. This time, I was super determined and with the help of both gynae and nurse, I pushed until my face turned green and viola! Baby was delivered in 12 minutes! :D


That defining moment was truly indescribable. When a bawling Little misschewy was being tossed onto my tummy, I felt like I was going to burst into tears. It was all so surreal and I made a promise to myself that we will be her guardian angels and protect her with our lives.


Mother and baby skin to skin contact :)






There you have it! Baby Chewy weighs a healthy 3.36kg!






Our very first family photo! :))


My 3D2N stay at Mount Elizabeth Hospital was a very pleasant and comfortable one. All the nurses were very forthcoming and approachable. From time to time, Little misschewy would be brought in from the nursery and I was really happy to have her in my arms :)


The hubs took leave from work to accompany me and also to see his precious baby girl!







I almost forgot to take photo of my ward until the very last day when I was supposed to be discharged. The ward looks not bad right? There’s also an LED television. Pardon the mess :P The ward actually looks much tidier in this photo because misterchewy had helped to lug all the gifts and hampers home the day before.


Also wanna mention that the food is surprisingly quite good! There is a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you can check off the dishes that you want. I polished off all my food every single meal. How to lose weight?! Haha.





We completed her birth registration before going home and decided to name her Chanelle :)
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