Queen Victoria Market @ Melbourne: Everything is fuss-free here

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Spent another two days in Melbourne after my short two-day stay in Sydney. No, this post is not about kangaroo meat. The above photo collage basically sums up my first day in Melbourne. I enjoyed myself the most at the Warrook Cattle Farm! :D


No visit to Melbourne is complete without stopping by the famous Queen Victoria Market! Opened in 1878, the Queen Victoria Market is more than just a market where locals get their fresh seafood and meat from. This 19th century market is a historic landmark as well as a tourist attraction for people like me and you :)


Like most shopping areas and markets, the Queen Victoria Market also has a food court — the Vic Market Place Food Court. It can be quite difficult to get yourself a table during lunch time! There were about 8 to 10 food stalls and after weaving in and out of the crowd for what seemed like eternity, I decided to buy my lunch from funkfish.


Don’t expect anything fanciful here! Almost everything I see were served on paper plates and bowls. Cutlery is disposable too. Quite a generous portion of Fish and Chips (AU$8.90) with an equally generous serving of salad. The fish was very moist on the inside. I couldn’t tell what fish was it. Most probably dory fish. Very simple yet satisfying lunch!

Queen Victoria Market
513 Elizabeth St
Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel: 03 9320 5822

Opening Hours:
Tue and Thur
6am – 2pm
6am – 5pm
6am – 3pm
9am – 4pm

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6 thoughts on “Queen Victoria Market @ Melbourne: Everything is fuss-free here

  1. i had the exact same experience there, too crowded during lunch time at the food court, saw fish & chips, ordered literally just fish & chips and a cappuccino. they are so good!

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